Thursday, May 26, 2022

Leadership Is...

Leadership is...sending emails to retiring teachers to thank them for their years of service - because they deserve it!

Leadership is...recognizing when you need to practice self-care and taking a break to go on a walk with a coworker/friend.

Leadership is...not worrying about the exact time a meeting should start but giving a hug because that's what is needed most.

Leadership is...sending emails out with decisions, some popular and some unpopular, and trying to tame the anxiety that comes with knowing the responses are coming!

Leadership is...going to a workout after sending said emails out because then you can't stare at the screen, waiting (and also because you ate two cookies after sending those emails out...some coping mechanisms are healthier than others)!

Leadership is...waking up at 5am on Saturday and remembering something you were supposed to do ten days ago and doing it.

Leadership is...listening not only to the words someone is saying, but the heart behind it.

Leadership is...admitting that things are hard, but not dwelling on it.

Leadership is...learning to accept compliments and let people in to help.

Leadership is a lot of things, but above all, it is being human. We sometimes talk about the fact that teachers don't teach content, teachers teach kids. I could extrapolate that to say that admin or leaders don't lead initiatives, they lead people. And, just as importantly, they ARE people. Especially in the world today, couldn't we all use a little more human-ness in our lives?