Saturday, April 1, 2017


A word that keeps popping up in my life lately is RISK.  Which seems to go hand in hand with my #oneword2017 of LEAD.

We take risks when we try new things in our classroom.  Sometimes our ideas work great!  And sometimes they fall flat on their faces.

We take risks when we share our stories online.  Some people may love what we are doing!  Some may judge us or leave negative feedback.

We take risks when we invest in relationships.  Often, they are incredibly life-giving!  But people are human, and sometimes they disappoint us.

Lately, I have been feeling called to risk putting myself out there a bit more.  To step out, to step up, and to try things beyond my comfort zone!  That's what leaders do - they have the courage to try new things, even when it's not easy.

Some of my risks have paid off and ended well.  Others haven't.  But in the process, I can't deny what has happened in my character.  I've grown.  I've gained confidence.  I've learned about myself.  And things that used to feel out of my reach aren't quite so scary now.

It's a growing process, and I won't pretend that the disappointments are easy.  Yet I know the journey is bigger than any one moment.  My character, my teaching, and my philosophy are all the result of millions of little moments that have shaped me over the course of my life.  They will continue to add up to guide me to where I need to be in the future.  And that perspective allows me to get back up and continue taking risks.  To keep pushing and learning and growing, knowing that the ups and downs are a part of the bigger picture of me becoming the person and leader that I need to be.

Whether you are on a mountaintop or in a valley right now, don't give up.  Don't stop taking risks!  They are the only way to move forward.  It's worth it.  I am committing to do the same as I continue on my journey to learn to LEAD.

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  1. Such an important message Aubrey. Risk-taking is hard--but so is work and change and growth. Go for it!