Saturday, May 12, 2018

Makerspace Adventures (4th grade science style)!

What can you do with a makerspace? Check out the ideas below from one of my classroom visits this week!

4th Grade Science

How can students show an understanding of phases of the moon, seasons, sunrise/sunset, and vocabulary such as orbit & rotate? I taught these standards in summer school, so I am familiar with some of the traditional ideas out there! I was blown away when I visited this classroom where students were given the opportunity to "show what they know" using whichever makerspace tools they wanted! Even better than seeing their creations was hearing them talk about what they had made. They clearly had an understanding of the standards, but also shared about their challenges in creating the models, how their ideas evolved, and how they could continue to improve their projects.

Without further are some of their demonstrations!

Ollie is rolling around, stopping at each
phase of the moon, and saying the name of it.

They built a contraption to hold the "sun" (flashlight) while the
Cublet orbits around it!

Programming Sphero to roll around the sun

Which Cublet is rotating - the Earth or the sun? They even
have a low-tech moon orbiting the Earth!

This group wanted to use a lightbulb for the sun. Why not?

Scratch programming to show the movement of the sun
across the sky in different seasons

Ozobots show what the sun looks like
as it moves across the sky!

Dash has planets taped to him
so they can rotate around the sun!

How do you use makerspace tools to integrate with science standards?

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