Saturday, May 26, 2018

Congrats, graduates!

Usually, I write about professional topics on this blog. But the fact that students & teachers are out for the summer, the three-day weekend, and my overall exhaustion have me dipping a bit into my personal life for inspiration this week!

A week ago, I attended a friend's high school graduation. I have spent years working with her & several other kiddos, who originally came to the USA as refugees, on a weekly basis, tutoring them and just hanging out.

Sometimes, their lives seem so "normal", it's hard to forget where they came from and how much they have overcome. Many of their parents have not attended school, and many of them spent years in camps on the run from people who want to wipe out their tribes.

These may be the families in your school that frustrate you. Not because of who they are, but because you always want the best for your kids, and life doesn't always line up that way. They might be the ones who aren't always there for meetings (night jobs are a real thing). The ones with whom communication (in English) is...challenging. The ones who miss more school than you wish to help with other family obligations.

Look at this community support - isn't it beautiful?

Don't forget - these kiddos have a whole crowd of people cheering them on, too! The support may not look the way that we, as teachers, imagine it should, but it doesn't mean it's not there. This is why I will always advocate 100% for connecting with families, especially those who come from different backgrounds, and listening and learning. They have strengths that we can learn from. After all, our shared goal is for our students to be successful!

Just another American graduation...but there's so much behind it. Congrats, my friend, to you and your whole family!

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