Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Positive Digital Footprint (for Adults)

This past week, I had the privilege of attending InnEdCO, our state ed tech conference. I had a great time, and I have many takeaways and things that I learned that I hope to apply immediately!

One of the big things that stuck out to me, though, was not something a speaker shared or something that was found in a session resource. It simply has to do with having a digital footprint. We often talk about this with students in the context of digital citizenship - how you present yourself online matters! The thing I sometimes forget is that this is 100% true for adults, too.

I enjoy connecting with others online. I make an effort to be authentic and positive. I share, I respond, and I participate in many communities of educators. I am not always consciously thinking about the digital footprint I am building, but it's there.

I was reminded of this over the week as I met many people who I have only seen online in the past. Some people specifically mentioned that recognized me from my Twitter activity, and commented on how they appreciate what I share there. I still find it a bit weird that others know who I am through Twitter, even if we have never chatted or had a back-and-forth conversation. I know I put myself out there, I just forget that others are watching and listening.

This week was affirming in realizing that I do have a digital footprint, and that it really is positive. I hope that it portrays me as I really am, too! I appreciated the reminder that when I share, I am sharing with real people, because sometimes it is easy to type to a computer screen and forget about the rest.

You, too, have a digital footprint. What is it like? In a world full of technology, let's not forget that we can leverage that tech for many things, but most importantly, to build relationships and connections.

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