Saturday, September 15, 2018

#EdCampLongmont Bites

What a great day at #EdCampLongmont! As with any conference (or unconference), there are so many takeaways, so I'm just including little bits here:
  • It takes a lot to put an event like this together. I showed up at 6:45am to help set up, and there were several others already there! That is impressive for a Saturday morning!
  • BreakoutEDU continues to be fun, and the conversation is shifting more to how we can use it as a creation tool for students!

  • I love helping people figure out how to use Twitter professionally - it's made such a difference in my life, I'm happy to pay it forward! I also loved some of the PD Bingo going on in #svvsd, and want to steal this idea in my own district!

  • I completed my first demo slam, and it wasn't quite as scary as I thought!

  • Connecting with friends can be just as valuable as attending a session. I felt so encouraged by some of the one-on-one conversations which helped me gain a deeper understanding of how different districts work!

  • My day ended with some awesome art teachers who were willing to share their wisdom with me! It struck me how important it is to just listen. Our teachers are amazing, and experts in their areas! We can learn so much from just listening to them. I'm so grateful for the expertise & ideas from my new friends!
  • Oh yeah...I also won a Google Home. Can't go wrong with free swag! Thank you to everyone who donated!
And there you go...another great #EdCampLongmont! I have to say, providing breakfast & lunch & FREE childcare is amazing - makes it so much easier for teachers to attend. I am walking away feeling energized & excited about the great work we all do in education - what better compliment is there than that?

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  1. OH, edcamps! My Disneyland! Thanks for sharing your excitement here, Aubrey - I can FEEL it! :D