Saturday, September 22, 2018

#GoogleEI #DEN18 Application

Here we go again...

Earlier this year, I shared about taking a risk by applying to the Google for Education Certified Innovator program, and my reflections when I was not accepted. At that point, I said that I was pretty sure I would be applying again in the future...and here I am, doing just that!

Stepping Back

Before reapplying, I really needed to take a step back and just take time away from my application. I spent so much time on it at first, and was so invested, it was hard to think about what I needed to do differently. Giving myself some space helped me think through some fresh ideas without being boxed into what I had already done.

Talking it out!

If you know me IRL, you will know that I am an external processor. I learn the most when I can talk through ideas and bounce them off of others. This summer, I started chatting with friends about a new idea for my #GoogleEI project. I received a lot of great feedback, insight, and advice which helped me reignite and refine my ideas. If you are thinking about applying...this is something I would highly recommend! Talk about your idea with friends, both near and far, and really listen to their reactions & feedback. We are #bettertogether!

Completing the Application

In some ways, this was the hardest step. I made a new video, but I struggled with the short answer questions - should I keep what I had written last time, or completely change it up? It felt almost lazy to reuse answers, but if I really liked them, should I change just for the sake of it? In the end, I ended up writing new answers for several. I then asked a few trusted friends to look at both answers & help me choose which one was stronger. In every instance, they preferred my original answers, so I went with those (slightly tweaked). I did feel good, though, about exploring other options and not just copy/pasting what I had before!

Friends & Editors

As I mentioned above, I had an amazing group of friends who looked through my application and gave me feedback every step of the way. Some of these friends I know pretty well, but others are those who I met at a conference & wanted to reach out to. This is another thing I would highly recommend - sometimes, when you are so engrossed in a project, it is hard to take a step back and look at it from an outsider's point of view! They helped me see what I was communicating unintentionally and where some gaps where in my application. Be bold with asking for help!


And then...the moment of truth. Time to press submit. It can be terrifying, but the worst that can happen is that you don't get accepted...and, I can attest from my previous experience, life goes on ;-)! Truly, what have you got to lose?

The Waiting Game

Here I am again - back in this waiting period. I'm actually less nervous than last time - I really, REALLY am hoping to get accepted, but if I don't, I know I'll be okay. I have lots of friends applying in this round, too, and I hope for the best for all of us! Waiting isn't always fun, but I am sitting here with a sense of accomplishment for not only completing the application, but having the courage to not make it in and try again - #failingforward. What's next? Well, hopefully we'll know in early October!

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  1. Nice blog Aubrey-- you captured the experience perfectly :D