Tuesday, November 13, 2018

#DEN18: A Full Day of Fun! (Part 3)

Yesterday was a FULL day of tourist fun! My mom & I slept in (jetlag!), but then hit many of the sights in the city (and ran into many friends along the way)! Warning: this post is a little bit of a photo dump :-).

We started at the tourist center to get our bearings, but quickly went to Nyhavn, which was so cute and picturesque! The colors were both bright and blended together so well. It was a bit chilly right on the water, and all of the restaurants with outdoor seating had blankets on each chair outside - a brilliant idea! It was nice to stroll around a bit and see this iconic place. Leaving here, we ran into some other #DEN18 friends who were on a similar tourist route to us :-).

After that, we hopped on the bus (yay public transportation!) to to to The Little Mermaid statue. It is small, but popular. I was glad that I had been forewarned that it was a bit anticlimactic, because there's not much to do there besides see it, but I was still glad we went.

Back on the bus and to Rosenborg Castle - can't visit Europe without a good castle, right? We were able to inside this one, and see the massive amounts of precious metals, jewels, tapestries, and symbols of wealth. Apart from being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it all, I was fascinated by the intricate detail of all of the art (paintings, sculpture, tapestries, furniture, etc). So much work was put into all of it, and it has been preserved for 300-400 years! That's pretty amazing to think about.

After this, my picture-taking went downhill, as it started getting dark outside (and I don't have a cool new Pixel with amazing night camera features). We again ran into #DEN18 friends and walked around the King's Gardens a bit, explored Torvehallerne (a market), and eventually made it back to the hotel. After a quick chance to sit down & rearrange everything, my mom was nice enough to come with me and drop me off at my new place with #DEN18 roomies! To get there, we decided to try the Metro, which was quick and easy.

Once here, it was so much fun meeting everyone and chatting and getting to know each other after only communicating online! We ended up meeting up with more people who arrived here a day early for dinner & drinks and staying out late (well, late for me, anyway). It's amazing how a group from all over the world can connect so quickly. That's the power of a #PLN!

Today, the Academy starts for real - it's already been a trip to remember and I can't wait for more! My biggest struggle right now is knowing I need to pace myself over the next three days. I want to jump in and fully engage, but I could burn myself out very quickly if I'm not careful. I'm trying to find the balance between diving in and saving a little bit of energy right now, but it's hard when surrounded by so many awesome people and so much fun!

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