Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Roads We Travel...

This weekend always makes me reflect, because it was a Colorado #EdTechTeam Summit that started me on my ed tech journey! For previous blog posts, read about my my first summit, how they've changed my life, my nervousness about presenting for the first time, takeaways from last year, the fun I had in Aspen in the spring, and the growth I saw after Colorado Springs in the summer.

So here I am, coming off of another great #EdTechTeam Summit. I always love the energy, positivity, enthusiasm, and learning at these events! It feels very different from typical PD, which sometimes equates to being told to show up, sit down, and listen to someone for hours. Here are a few reflections:

1. It's fun making friends, near and far! 

After attending several CO ed-techy events, you start to realize that there's a certain group of people you see over and over again. We are ed tech PD junkies. It's always fun to connect with these friends at these events and catch up!

At the same time, I meet people from CO or all over who I have interacted with on Twitter, and it's always awesome to see each other IRL and chat for a bit. And then there are the friends of friends, because it's a small world. Connections galore!

2. Sometimes, your authentic audience ends up right in your room.

Today, in a #BreakoutEDU session I was leading, one of the teachers in the room asked if I had written the game "Sneaky Snow Snatcher" (newsflash: the answer is yes, my sister and I co-wrote it). She shared that she had played it with her students last Illinois! Another teacher in the room had also played it with her students.

At lunch, another teacher tracked me down to tell me that she had attended my #BreakoutEDU session at the Aspen Summit in the spring, was inspired and got some boxes, and has been using it at her school.

When you put yourself and your ideas out there, they travel! I don't think we often get to see the results, but it's so special when we see follow-up from when we are bold enough to present a session or share a resource.

3. It's all in the family!

Once again, I had a blast co-presenting with my brother. There's certainly a bond we share, both being in education, and the fact that we know each other so well personally makes presenting together pretty smooth as well. Plus, it's just fun to get to work on professional projects together. It was a throwback to high school, where we got along well and took a class together, and were asked all the time if we were dating or what (nope, s-i-b-l-i-n-g-s). Between writing #BreakoutEDU games with my sister and presenting with my brother, I'm so thankful that my family is awesome and that we share some of the same interests!

As we enter the month of November, I am acutely aware that I have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is events to connect, learn, and grow, both professionally and personally!

How have you connected and what have you learned recently?

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