Saturday, December 23, 2017



Sometimes it looks like speaking up when it would be easier to be silent.
Sometimes it looks like being vulnerable and admitting a weakness.
Sometimes it looks like facing the fact that there is a problem, even when it has previously been swept under the surface.
Sometimes it just looks like just showing up.

I've had numerous opportunities the past few weeks to practice courage. Most of them are small, nothing I would usually share about - just those little moments that make up a day. But they have put courage on my mind.

Here's the thing: it's never easy. 
It's a decision each and every time to take a deep breath and step out and take that risk.
But it's worth it.

This is something I want all students to learn!

I want them to speak up when they see injustice in the world.
I want them to understand that being vulnerable is okay - nobody is perfect, but admitting that is the first step to growth.
I want them to deal with their problems and not run away from them.
I want them to show up and engage in their learning, in their relationships, and in life.

How can I expect them to learn if I do not model courage?

This is my commitment - to continue stepping out in courage.
Even when it's hard. Even when it's uncomfortable.
To have those tough conversations.
To not be afraid to admit that I don't have it all together.
To not bury problems - but to deal with them.
To be present and engage.

Will you join me?

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