Saturday, December 2, 2017

Embedding a Digital Platform BreakoutEDU Game on a Google Site

Since the release of the BreakoutEDU platform, I have been in several conversations about how to use the digital game creation tool. The locks look slick, and the mechanism for entering combinations is great! However, one of the downsides I have heard is that the platform design can take out the challenge of figuring out which clue goes to which lock.

My solution to that? Continue to build my games on a Google Site, and embed the locks page onto there! That way, the clues can still be hidden all around, and the platform just takes the place of a Google Form as the lock box.

I've gotten some requests to post a follow-up to my original screencast (Creating Digital Games on the BreakoutEDU Platform) about how to embed them. Your wish is my command! This screencast shows the steps to embed an already-created digital platform game into a new Google Site.

It is also possible to embed videos into the classic Google Sites, but it's a bit less intuitive. Feel free to reach out if you are needing help in that area!

Have you created a digital game? Feel free to share in the comments - let's learn & play together!


  1. Wow! This is great! Thanks for sharing this info (and taking the time to make this tutorial)!! Sylvaine Tremblay

  2. Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to show us these things. I am new and wondering, should I have a new site for each game or do I keep adding the pages to the original site for my classroom?

    1. Hi! I make a new site for each game, but they are all added or linked under a "parent" site. That way, my students don't mix up clues from between games, but there is a home base to get to all of them. I hope that helps!